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The THUNDER HILL Family wish you a happy NEW YEAR 2017 !!

2016 was wonderful and we end up the Year with Happiness and JOY.

We have shown Bentley just 5 times and he won back-to-back BOB, Group Wins and Placements
and RBIS in Nitra SK.
He finished the Year as #6 Aussie in Slovakia after just ONE single Show-day !!
He finished 3 Champion Titles (SLO CH, FCI CH and GCH) and started two further ones.

Thank you to my friends who make each Show-Day to a Special One and
support me so much !!

We start 2017 with a B I G S M I L E ... SEE YOU SOOONNN !!!



Back home from one of the biggest Shows in Croatia.
Zagreb is a intern. FCI Show with more than 4500 dogs entered.
Saturday was Crufts Qualification and Bentley won Best Male and BEST OF BREED next
to a very nice competition of Aussies from USA, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, etc.

Sunday he did it again and won Best Male and another BEST Of BREED...
but last but not least he won 3rd Place in the Group next to a super strong Competition of
World Winner.

We are so proud being picked and placed as one of the TOP Dogs of FCI Group I.

Bentley is in extraordinary condition and moves so eyecatching and brilliant that hes for
sure one of the most special Aussies in the World.



We had a great autumn weekend and time for doing some new pictures
of the Gang !!

I so love my boys (including my Horse, who is more dog than we think ;-)
They are so great together and its the best partnership and friendship i have ever seen.
The dogs are allowed to do it all and my Horse loves to hug them and take care
of them !!!

ALL Pictures HERE


Bentley finished his GRAND Champion Title with only 2,5 Years of age.
He won back-to-back Best of Breed, Groups and BIS(S). Our happy boy finished
it in Karlovac (Croatia) after winning the Best of Breed out of Champion Class.

Furthermore he started his Austrian Championship and in future we will
show him for National Awards and on Bigger Intern. Shows.

Watch out for THAT SPECIAL and Beautiful Boy.



We are so proud of Bentleys Kids who WON
both Minor Puppy Classes (Male + Female) at the EUROPEAN DOG SHOW

BIG Congrats to Chiara van Lieshout (Breeder and Owner of the Babies) !!

And thats not all... they won both their classes and went up to win
BEST of BREED and BOS Minor Puppy Title at Europes biggest Show.
What a success !! Iam so proud of our Bentley x Bling Kids.


Light it Up True Colours "Gems" - European Winner 2016 BOB Minor Puppy


Light it Up Easy Lover "Thimo" - European Winner 2016 BOS Minor Puppy


50 km and arround 6000 m up and down in 4 days....
Our hiking tour up to the high Mountains (3000m +) was just amazing.
From 25 - 28 August we had a great time with family and friends !! More pictures soon...


In the last 6 Month "Bentley" changed alot. The first two years were full of up-and-downs...
but now hes such a perfect Aussie. With super shoulders, perfect rear and both in perfect
balance. Hes slightly longer than tall and his Elbows are perfectly. He has a perfect 50/50
Proportion with a height of 52cm and a Elbow Point at 26.

His Hock Joint is higher than pastern joint and his front edge of the behind paw is directly
under the rear while his rear pastern is vertical. (On picture minimal to far behind because he
stretched out hisself to much)

Croup is moderately sloping and both front and rear is strong and straight.
He has a nice shoulder layback and a great neck. His level topline and strong back
are absolutely a PLUS of Bentley. His Head and Ear-Set is PERFECTION !!

Bentley growed into such a awesome and correct dog who can move so perfect and
easy that you cant get enough of watching him.

Iam so happy having a dog like him at home - with perfect Health - Results, Charakter and
Intelligence combined with a kick-ass Pedigree.

We currently have a little show-break to train him in Obedience and Rescue but he will



Welpen-Seite aktualisiert und

zwei neue
Videos online !!

Nachzucht-Seite von Bentley überarbeitet !! Plus neue Bilder !!


After two month Show-Break for our Clown.... he is BACK !!!

11 June 2016.....
Best of Breed (BOB) and Best of Group (BOG)
for Mr. always Happy !!


He finished his FCI Champion and Slovenian Champion under Breed Specialist Michele Colborne !!!

Bentley started in April 2015 with 15 month of age... winning back-to-back Best in Show + BISS Wins,
Placements and many more Groups in different Countries.
On Saturday 11th June, he finished in Bled, SLO after winning Best of Breed and Group 1 under Breed Specialist Michele Colborne.
We showed just Saturday because of so much rain and mud.
I had used all 3 dress´s and everything was wet and dirty.

Thank you to all Judges who made this possible !!
We are more than proud after 2 month of a little show break... finishing two further CH - Titles
after winning RESERVE BEST IN SHOW in Nitra, SK in April 16



NEW Pictures of BEN.... BENS GALLERY updated !!! 26. April 2016


BEN did great on his second Show. His father Bentley won RBIS last year same day
and Mr. Happy Junior aka "BEN" won Minor Puppy
Best In Show 3 !!!


We are so happy and proud and cant wait to show him in Junior Class in 3 Month !

Ben is a very correct puppy and still not as tall. Lovely bone and wonderful coat.
His shoulders and rear angulation are super balanced. His topline is perfect and so is his front. Super ear set
and wonderful expression. "FUTURE SHOW STAR" wrote the judge in his exam. :-) Thats for SURE !!

This boy is just brilliant with a temper to die for !!


Thank you to my friends TODOS SPLIT for the great pictures and capturing those wonderful
Moments !! Love you Ladies !!


Seiten "Shows" und "Just For Fun" neu bearbeitet !!

"BEN´s " Seite aktualisiert :-)


"NITRADOG" is with arround 5000 Entries one of the biggest intern. Shows in SK.

Iam over the moon to say... that after winning the BISS in Croatia 4 month ago...


We started our Trip on Sunday morning.
Bentley won CAC, CACIB and Best of Breed under MRS. Ramune Kazlauskaite (Lithuania)
and i would like to thank you again for the opportunity to show Bentley in the main ring.

After a warm up on the longe line we were ready for the Group Finals....
Bentley and Me enjoyed the Huge and wonderful Group,
Judged by MR. Manuel Loureiro Borges from Portugal.

Iam still so happy about it and thank you also for the CHANCE to show him in the BIS Final.
Thank you for the kind words... i appreciate it so much.


After some fun and a last "warm-up"...

Bentley LOVED to show his movement at the BIS Final... judged by MR. Agabeyli Zaur from Azerbaijan.

Iam still over the MOON and so thankful to win the
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW next to a wonderful line up of Group Winners.


Thank you to my "Show-FAMILY" Chiara Capomagi and Giulia Sgubin. Cant tell you how much i love you.
Chiara Capomagi you are wonderful - i LOVE to watch your grooming and handling of your client dogs...
i learned so much from just watching you and it is also YOUR SUCCESS !! Thank you for being you.


Thank you to Peter Irsigler
Vita Irsigler and Nina Irsigler
for doing such a great job with BEN...who won VP and first place on his first show !!

THANK YOU to ALL !! Iam so happy !!







21 März:    Bentleys "VIDEO-SEITE" aktualisiert !!!


Binnen einer Woche haben wir über 1000 klicks für
unser Video erhalten...
VIELEN DANK für all die wunderbaren Kommentare und
die Wertschätzung unserer Arbeit !! Vielen herzlichen Dank !!



Auf Nachfrage wie wir unseren Haushalt so super managen
und dennoch Hunde, Pferde und Beruf unter den Hut bringen...




Zurück von der CACIB Ljubljana und wir sind sehr glücklich
über unseren Erfolg.
Bentley war viel zu überdreht und daher war es sehr unerwartet dass
er trotz einer solchen Leistung dennoch 2x die Champion Klasse als Jüngster
gewinnt, sich zwei Anwartschaften für den Slo-CH holt. Zudem gewann er noch
das CACIB und den Titel: Slovenian Winner 2016 !!
Unser Clown fand es etwas langweilig nur im Kreis zu laufen und evtl. noch auf und
ab :-) Er machte seine eigene Show daraus :-)

Später durfte er dann seine neu erlernten Tricks beim Neujahrs-Shooting von
"Todos Split" zeigen.... das gefiel ihm natürlich VIEL besser :-)

Aber seht selbst:
HIER gibt es alle Fotos !! (klicken)



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