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HERE is our new Trickvideo: https://youtu.be/_l2EaYReaFM




New Pictures...


We would have loved to enter Clooney at the World Dog Show this Year
but unfortunately we couldnīt go...

Clooney was attacked by a dog bevore and is now limping on his left Shoulder.
Its a Problem with his Muscle ... which will take us some time at the chiropractor.

Hes just one AWESOME Dog and hes my DREAM DOG.

Two new Videos Online:


"IAM Clooney" and "CATWALK" (Klick to ENTER)

Clooney is the "Dream Dog".... everyone can just hope for. He has a super Neck... a fantastic
Level Topline. Hes slightly longer than tall with moderat coat and great bone. He has amazing Shoulders
and a lovely lovely front. He is so perfect in coming and going - currently maybe a little close behind but
still moves a well defined "V".
Everything else is a fact of growth and lack of body and muscles...which is now up to me ;-)

Yes and i forgot to say THAT HE HAS ONE STUNNING HEAD ;-)

Hes a future Winner - thats for sure.

Next to his wonderful structure... he has the most wonderful Temper and Charakter you can find.
He is not that crazy and hyper active like many Aussies are nowadays.
He loves to sleep for hours and is so concentrated when you work with him. Hes not interested
in other dogs or people and is a dog wich can really do it all.



Autumn is Apple TIME !!!!


Our Puppy Trainings Video https://youtu.be/YbAXbFyCL4o


The super busy live of a Australian Shepherd Puppy.....
first walk the dogs...

Then riding the Horse....

And after a long day....waiting for Mommy being cuddled ;-)

Sometimes its like Magic... finding your SOUL-MATE...
CLOONEY has already a big place in our all hearts. Hes such a calm and intelligent
puppy which loves to work with me and loves to be on my side.
You never need a leash... neither in shopping centers nor in the crowded city.
Hes so connected and i have never seen such a "grown-up" puppy before.
Dogs and other people arent interesting and his training-level is awesome.

CLOONEY i love you !!!


Clooney is doing so great and he can do amazing tricks by now.

We cant wait to show him. Hes one super perfect puppy/dog
with one briliant character and easy going temper.

He loves being pampered and bathed and enjoys everything you do with him

He already has super long coat and we keep it in perfect condition ;-)


Spa Day for my wonderful Bentley

I so adore this boy... he is for me the best example of an Australian Shepherd.

He has a wonderful neck (when its not covered by all his coat), he has nice chest and
rear. Strong legs, great shoulders, strong level topline and a brilliant head and earset.
Super Muscle, amazing will-to-please and extraordinary intelligence.

That pictures is made with a handy-cam and out of a "backward" motion - so hes litte wide stacked in front and not perfect in rear BUT he for sure IS.
Hes with 51cm not big and can jump up on a 1,60m Horse with such a ease.

Bentleys movement is wonderful and he can work on horses and sheep all day long without

Also when the coat is shortened you can see the great 50/50 Proportions of his legs and the
great shoulder layback.

His strong bones are wonderful and the only thing i can complain about him - is his excessive coat ... but thats never a problem for him. And its my job to trim all his undercoat out.


A bond between humanīs and animalīs
especially with dogs and Horses is a REAL MIRACLE !!

Iam thankful for each Moment with my boys !!

Its a deep trust and friendship ... full of love and happiness !!



Our Homepage has a NEW LOOK !!
Thanks for visiting our site !!

Alle April Fotos gibt es HIER


The THUNDER HILL Family wish you a happy NEW YEAR 2017 !!

2016 was wonderful and we end up the Year with Happiness and JOY.

We have shown Bentley just 5 times and he won back-to-back BOB, Group Wins and Placements
and RBIS in Nitra SK.
He finished the Year as #6 Aussie in Slovakia after just ONE single Show-day !!
He finished 3 Champion Titles (SLO CH, FCI CH and GCH) and started two further ones.

Thank you to my friends who make each Show-Day to a Special One and
support me so much !!

We start 2017 with a B I G S M I L E ... SEE YOU SOOONNN !!!