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Hiking is what we love most.
And together with my wonderful dog Clooney it is the Best.


Jamie is also growing just wonderful and we cant wait to start his show career



Puppy Time


Clooney finished 2 Champion Titles in September
and both in 1 weekend.

With minimum showing he is now close to his
C.I.B FCI intern. Champion Title.



Clooney in the Newspaper

Jamie´s Seite aktualisiert !!


Wandern in Osttirol


Friendship exists not just between Humans....

We also enjoy the great Summer....


New Pictures of Clooney and Bandit



New Pictures from Clooney plus a new Video



New Homepage Design

New Pictures of Clooney with 10 Month of age !!


We are so proud to introduce our new family member...

After nearly 1 year (6 month searching and another 6 month
waiting) we finally have found our new adition.

We have used our forced show-break with lots of trick-dog training.

Now we cannot wait to show our boys Clooney and Jamie.

That car is just awesome with nearly 200 PS Diesel Motor
and 5 Meter lengh its all you can ask for.

Toyota is my favourite brand and as toyota start to built this car in 2017
i was sure that it will be mine.

Its a car with excellent comfort and executive equipment.
(you can watch films and move all single seats like you want - you
can sleep inside and with camera and navigation its absolutely easy to drive)




8 Month old Clooney and hes still going to be more and more beautiful