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This dog just surprise me from day to day.

My Clooney George really finished his

ODX  Obedience (ASCA) Title
in Rheinbach last weekend.

This was so fast and within 3 Trials....unbelievable.
I love you so much my Clown.

Clooney is the most relaxed Aussie i have ever seen,
and he works so so great.

Never so happy about getting a "green" Ribbon !!

Furthermore Clooney had his first "Double Runs" in
Rally Obedience.
Here he collects also fantastic Scores with 2x 200 Points,
for his Rally Trial Champion Title (RTCH).
Also the REMX is started and for his RTX he has
already all X-Titles together.

Clooney is now...

Bronze Winner European Trick Dog Championship
Thunder Hill The SPECIALIST

Now we have a winter break for training some tricks and
work for Agility, Herding and Utility.

Our goals for next year are:

Finishing his FCI Inter Champion
(just 1 cacib left)

Finishing his started Austrian Champion
(just to wait 12 month between first and last CAC -
4 CAC we have already)

Maybe Grand Champion Title... will see how often we can show,
next to Obedience.

And important goals are:
Maybe CDX or UD - Obedience
Agility finishing his
Outstanding Performance Titles
and Gamblers.

Herding... started Sheep and Ducks.

Many things to look forward and iam so happy
to have the right dog who can do it all !!!

Love you BUDDY !



Back home from the September Trial and
the Octoberfest Trial in Belgium LASC.

It was a wonderful time with many wonderful Friends.

Clooney finished his Rally Obedience Excellent and Masters Level by
winning the classes and once also had a tie for HIT.

Furthermore he started first time in Obedience OPEN ODX
and he won 2 times 1 Place with his first Qualis for ODX.

Next to all this Obedience things he also won
again the Champion Class in Innsbruck Austria,
and Lipica Slovenia.
With Cacib and RCACIB.

Between all these... we go HIKING and BIKING.


Clooney GEORGE ... What Else !!!???

Just speechless what this dog can do.
He is a dog everyone loves.
Hes doing it all for me, even when he has never seen/done it before.


ASCA Trial St. Margarethen, AT

First Days Agility - Clooneys second trial/training ever.

I entered him in Gablers, Jumpers and Regular Novice,
10 Runs and Clooney won 9 Qualis.
Just in our first "Gamblers" - i just had no plan ;-) - we lost our Quali.

He finished his RS-N Title and started his GS-N,
JS-N OP, RS-N OP (Outstanding Performance) Titles in ASCA.

Clooney won his first Agility trials that day and ended up with


(Best Dog in Novice Class)
Thank you to the wonderful Judge: Sandra Katzen!!


Next Day was RALLY Obedience

1 Trial and first time in Excellent Level.
Clooney is like the judge said: super und einfach pragmatisch ;-)

He is never doing a mistake, so we ended up with
another 200/200 full score and we won another


Clooney Class Winner and HIGH IN TRIAL under Judge:
Gudrun Dytrych !!

Second Trial was my mistake - and i had to repeat one sign.
So "just" 197 Points (3Points for Repeat) - otherwise
Clooney would won another full score.

He is the best... only points he can ever loose are because of me lol

And now the BEST

Clooney is doing such a great job in all
kind of sports that we decided to enter him next year for
MVA - Multi Versatile Aussie Competition

But he needs to work Sheep or Ducks...
so we started together with Susanne Schwarzmann that journey.

And what can i say... He is just wonderful !!


Iam so blessed because i have the BEST Aussie in this WORLD !!!



4 ASCA Titles within 4 days!!

ASCA CD Title (Obedience)
ASCA RA + RAX Title (Rally)
ASCA JS-N (Agility)

Our boy "George Clooney" did just a awesome job at the WEWASC Trial
in Weilheim, Germany.

2 Starts in Obedience and 2 Starts in Rally (Advanced)
= 4x 1 Place Classwinner.

Clooney is such a STAR and my best buddy.
He finished the Advanced level with full scores of 3x 200/200 Points.
But thats not all... Susanne Schwarzmann Master Level and Anja Krieger Excellent
had the same top score and so we had to run again for High in Trial.

First of all... iam so honored to run together with both of you...
i have learned so much from you and you both are fantastic people.
First was Susannes turn, one awesome run no faults...
then Anja - also perfect and fast...
so i told to myself its your chance to make your biggest dream come true...
so you have to be really FAST and really perfect.

Clooney did such a wonderful job...
Judge... all 3 of us 200/200 Points and then it happened...

i won HIGH in TRIAL ...my first HIT !!!

Just 2 seconds faster... My dream came true.
What a honor ... What a show.

Thank you Ladies for such a sportsmanship.
Just 6 Month after i have started with Rally i won my first HIT out of Advanced Class.
Still unbelievable.

But now the best ... because of Cornelia Zils and Krammer Nina i really entered Clooney in Agility.
Neither this dog nor me have ever seen a Agility Parcour.
I really canceled a Dog Show for it... Clooney is really doing all for me.
He earned his first Title in Jumpers JS-N and is half way in Regular Jumpers RS-N (15/30 Points).
It was so much fun... the tunnels were interesting ;-) LOL

Thank you to the whole TEAM WEWASC, Susanne Schwarzmann Cornelia Zils
Krammer Nina Anja Krieger Andrea Grein Reserl Milotta-Berka for all your support.

And Thank you to all the People who cheered for us.

This Trials are wonderful !! Fantastic People and Judges.



Clooney ... What Else... !!!
This dog is the best dog i have ever had.
At the ASCA Trial in Böheimkirchen,AT
he won 5 Qualifications with
2x 1 Place
2x 2 Place
3x 1 Place

The two second places are just because of me.
Once 5 seconds to slow to win the class
and second time handler fault.
My 3rd Place was also my mistake because my PIVOT was not
Clooney is always focused, relaxed and so wonderful in any way.

We finished our RNX (Rally Novice Excellent) Title in ASCA
We won 1 Place in Obedience Novice B with 194 Points and second best
score - with a Quali and 1 Leg.

We also got our first RAX (Rally Advanced Excellent) Leg too.

George Clooney...
with his awesome personality and his tricks...
he is loved by everyone and every dog.
Hes for sure the smartest dog!


Our boy Jamie and Clooney are now also
certified Companion Dogs FCI
They both passed their exam and can now add
BH-VT after their names.


Just Happy.
Clooney won another CACIB and BOS.
(Wieselburg, Austria, FCI-ÖKV)
Just 5 Weekends out and he won always his class,
4 CACIB´s with BOB and BOS Wins.

(Just in Salzburg AT, he won just his class)
We are so proud because it is never easy to show a Aussie with Tail and
Clooney always won his classes by now.

Now we need just one last country to finish him in FCI with just 2 years of age.


He has 2 national Champion Titles, the Austrian Title is started (2 Shows 2 CAC) and
for intern. FCI we need the last Country (in total 3). Proud proud

Jamie was second in his Junior Class,
Divine very promising in Puppy Class and
last but not least
Bisous, won her Open Class and got RCACIB. Reserve Best Bitch.

Thank you for the great day my friends
Ulrike Hofbauer
, Barbara Schlager



Pictures from our last adventures:


Our Boys Clooney and Jamie did also a fantastic job at the Intern. Dog Show (FCI)
in Salzburg (Alpen-Sieger

These boys are absolutely the BEST.
Jamie won Junior Best of Breed
and was picked to the last 3 of Juniors Fci Group I.

Clooney won the Champion Class and started
another Champion Title.

Here are some of the Pictures:


These boys are not just the most beautiful dogs i have seen,
the are also the best dogs to work with.
Such easy going, calm and relaxed dogs, always without leash
and make just fun.

They move in the ring without being nervous or making
stress. They never let you down.

So many people asked for pictures and say
"how beautiful", "how Well trained" etc.

They could loose it all on dog shows -
that will never
change our unbelievable love for them.

Now its time to work them in Obedience and
Clooney needs some more workout after all these
trick and casting shows... lol.


We have absolutely - by far - the most wonderful BOYS !!




Clooney wins Bronze at the European Trick Dog Championships
(Trick Dog Europameisterschaft)


Clooney was also THE BEST GERMAN DOG !!
AND THE only Aussie next to
Border Collies and Terrier.

At the European Championships in Trick dog -
my Clooney won a amazing 3rd Place -
next to Crufts Dog Dance Winner and amazing Profis


It was the first time with Clooney in the highest class -
called PRO (Profi). The organisator give 1200 EUR,
Trophys, Diplom and Food to the Winners.

It was a great Competition with amazing Tricks and incredible Dogs.

Clooney was the youngest and showed some awesome things.
He is doing tricks completely different than the fast Border Collies and
Terriers... hes a super calm worker and can do things "fast" dogs
cant do.

Thank you to my Family and Friends for the support.
Thank you to Jennifer Hampton for making this litter possible.
Thanks to my Dad who has chosen Clooney out of the litter.
Thanks to my Mom who always takes so great care of my dogs.

Its unbelievable !!! THANK YOU !!






Clooney won the first Place at the Movie-Dog Casting
during a TRICK-DOG Competition.


We won a Holiday in Dorf/Tirol - Südtirol,
Toys and other great things.
It was a great competition with many awesome dogs and fabulous tricks.
The place was super small, loud and many dogs next to the carpet.

Iam so proud of Clooney who showed so many fantastic tricks
which no one else have done bevore. Proud proud !!!



Bentley und Clooney hatten auch viel
Spaß im Schnee


Meine Freundin Ulli und ich hatten mächtig
Spaß unsere Männer Bande zu fotografieren.

Es war ein MORZ Spaß !! Ein unglaublich lustiger und
genialer Tag ;-)

Hier die Ergebnisse:



Clooney absolutely needed a little grooming LOL
The "LION KING" like we call him...
must return into a Dog ;-)

all cut and groomed and alot of coat is gone !!
Now hes super smart as always !!
Love my "Big-Foot"




Bandit and Clooney are doing great.
Bandit celebrates another Birthday and
Clooney is growing quite nice.


We showed our boys Clooney and Jamie first time in ASCA
RALLY Obedience

It was a great Day in Königstetten Austria

Jamie won his first X-LEG Novice A
196/200 Points

Clooney won also his first X-LEG Novice B
198/200 Points


Clooney with 20 Month




Christmas Video