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Thunder Hill is a small Australian Shepherd Kennel located in the south of Bavaria.
We began our journey with Lennox our first blue Aussie in 2004.

This unbelievable trust and loyality of this dog ... the endless love and special bond...
was the START for our own Kennel in 2006.

Breeding is much more than winning titles on dogshows or obedience trials,
it is about spending time with the animals we LOVE !!


Their trust in us that we make the right choices on their behalf,
and the love between human and their best friend, is ALL ABOUT !


Our dogs dont know a collar or leash because we have trained them to stay with
us and LOVE to work with us.

We have a very special relationship to our animals and its all about TRUST,
Patience and LOVE.


Our dogs are competitive in versatility, conformation, herding, obedience, rally, therapy,
tracking, agility, lure coursing, nose work and many more.


All our dogs are perfectly trained, socialized and are the best companions a person can ask for.
Its our passion to train dogs and teach them unbelievable things.


You will find our dogs in schools, Horse Shows and other great social Events.
We love to show people the miracle of a partnership between a dog and his human.


We love to see people smiling and we are happy to share our passion with others.


Australian Shepherds are our favourite breed. They are of medium size, super intelligent and
do have a great will-to-please.
They love to work with their owner and they will do ALL for US !!


This is why our showdogs are not just show dogs. Our dogs are trained every single day.
Each dog gets his training individually based on his skills and possibilities.



We breed maximum one litter per year and are committed to making the most of the
abilities our dogs possess.

Our dogs excel at their primary job of being an excellent family companion and friend.


Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you will enjoy our pictures and videos of our dogs
and we hope you can feel that special LOVE and BOND !!


You will find a short Video from our Kennel HERE:   

 Our Kennel Video





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