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Februar 19



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Picture August 2016

In the last 6 Month "Bentley" changed alot. The first two years were full of up-and-downs...
but now hes such a perfect Aussie. With super shoulders, perfect rear and both in perfect
balance. Hes slightly longer than tall and his Elbows are perfectly. He has a perfect 50/50
Proportion with a height of 52cm and a Elbow Point at 26.

His Hock Joint is higher than pastern joint and his front edge of the behind paw is directly
under the rear while his rear pastern is vertical. (On picture minimal to far behind because he
stretched out hisself to much)

Croup is moderately sloping and both front and rear is strong and straight.
He has a nice shoulder layback and a great neck. His level topline and strong back
are absolutely a PLUS of Bentley. His Head and Ear-Set is PERFECTION !!

Bentley growed into such a awesome and correct dog who can move so perfect and
easy that you cant get enough of watching him.

Iam so happy having a dog like him at home - with perfect Health - Results, Charakter and
Intelligence combined with a kick-ass Pedigree.

Thank you to ALL my friends for this AMAZING PRESENT !! We all love it and its just WOW

I really love this picture of Mr. Happy !! He has SUCH A BODY ... amazing shoulders and rear..
nothing to complain about this Boy !!

Bentley has a super size arround 50cm and is one of the best moving aussies i have ever seen.

He never needs a leash and is always happy and super connected to me. Love that Huggie BEAR














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15 Month


Bentley grows into an amazing boy. He is now 15 Month of age and our trainings- and food-plan shows
amazing results. Bentley is a joy to watch and such a pleasure to have him here in our Kennel.

The really really hard training / workout is really perfect and help our boy to get 100% condition.
Thank you again to all my friends who always help with grooming tips and the difficult food-plan.

14 Month

THANK YOU SO SO MUCH to TODOS Photography !!
I really love this pics :-)

Bentley ist ein Rockstar der viele Tricks beherrscht:

Schämen und Winken


Unser neuer Trick - auf den Rücken springen und oben bleiben :-)





Elegant (Pfoten kreuzen)


Bentley ist nicht sehr groß aber sehr kompakt und kräftig. Er ist einfach perfekt und
eine Augenweide!

Er hat immer ein "grinsen" im Gesicht und liebt es beobachtet zu werden :-)
Unser Poser :-) der einfach immer freundlich ist !




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13 Month

His movement is effortlessly and it is a joy to watch him. He LOVES to work and
Dog Shows are a EASY work he enjoys.

We work with him every day and he has muscles from head to toe. Our Bodybuilder !!

He won his first BEST in SHOW with 10 Month of age. After a amazing career.
When he moves - he flash´s everyone. Nobody cant resist :-)

He is multi. Group Winner


4 Month of age: