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Trick-Dog OUR TUTORIAL IS NOW ON INSTAGRAM Our Trick-Dog Tutorial is on Instagram: harant_andrea We train dogs since 2004 and our Goal is to create a fantastic partnership with our Dogs. A uncomplicated Life and easy-going Dog is what we want. Its not important what you do with your dog but its important that you do something. Australian Shepherds are a herding breed and when you look at the origin of this Breed you will see that they mostly worked the whole day on sheeps together with his human. In the past Years we changed the Breed-Type alot and we also got more and more the lovely family companion out of so called Show-Dogs. The Type we breed for example is a very relaxed and calm dog BUT this doesnt mean that this dogs forgot to work. They still need a „job“ and you dont need a herd of sheep. Its enough to train their brain next to the individual skills of the dog. All Dogs love to work - it doesnt matter what you do. Tricks follow us always in our every-day-life. Basic cues like a „Sit“, „Down“, „Stay“ are just Tricks. We train every single cue with positive reinforcement. Your dog is maybe food or toy motivated - check this out. With Trick Training you start to spend time with your dog. Some Tricks need precision and your dogs learn fast to relax and think first. Furthermore they learn to „wait“ for you and „wait“ what you want - so you will get a dog who always asks before doing something (wrong or good). With all the Sport and Training we do - our dogs start the disinterest in foreign dogs/human/animals. They learned that the FUN is just with us! They dont need more adventures. Our dogs are just brilliant and on the following Videos you will learn together with our young boy Mäxx how to teach amazing tricks. Mäxx is the youngest Trick Dog Champion and with 6 Month of age he was able to do more than 200 different Tricks. Ejoy it and follow us on INSTAGRAM: